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Review featured clients who have benefited from our innovative, experienced and collaborative team approach.

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"Five years ago, we were a group of passionate dermatologists, meeting in a room to discuss our desire to advance the education and evidence for chemical peeling. With SAMI's help, we grew into a non-profit organization with a board of directors, an operating budget, and an educational workshop/meeting. SAMI was instrumental in guiding our by-laws, navigating the legalities of forming a non-profit, managing our fundraising efforts, and organizing our hands-on workshops and annual meeting. SAMI's dedication to advancing our organization is unrivaled, and is evident through their ability to somehow  - get things done.  When we needed to find a location for our hands-on workshop, SAMI negotiated incredibly favorable contracts which the hotel and videographer. When we needed a website to be created, SAMI delivered a top-quality product. They have gone above and beyond in keeping track of all the small details that go along with running an organization. The results of their fundraising efforts have more than paid for their management fees, and I could recommend SAMI wholeheartedly to any organization. 

Kachiu Lee, MD - President, IPS-USA

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